Why is my refrigerator so loud?

Refrigerators all make noise, but if your refrigerator suddenly becomes louder than usual, you may be wondering what to do. Fixify Appliance Repair is happy to take a look at your refrigerator and offer possible solutions. Follow these steps to determine why your refrigerator is making too much noise.

Start by determining where the noise is coming from

The source of the noise will be the most important factor. The drain pain is most likely to be the cause of the noise if it makes a loud rattling sound and is coming from the bottom. This one is easiest to fix. Just secure the pan where it belongs.

The sound coming from your fridge’s back could be caused by a problem with the compressor, defrost timer or condenser fan. Although it is common for fridge compressors to become loud, it is possible to replace them if they are not in good condition. The defrost timer will need to be replaced if it is making the noise. If it is the condenser fan, you might be able just to clean it and get it running again.

If the sound is coming from the inside of your fridge, then the circulation fan is most likely to be the culprit. Push in the light switch on your freezer to test this theory. If the noise becomes louder it could be an issue with your circulation fan. This issue requires replacement.

How to clean a condenser fan

While some refrigerators do not have condenser fans, most do. You will find the access panel behind your fridge if it has condenser fans. Before you start cleaning, turn off the fridge. Next, remove any debris or dirt that might be blocking the fan. To check for wear on the rubber grommets,

How to check your fridge’s fan in the evaporator

You will find the evaporator fan in the freezer’s back. To access it, take everything out of your freezer and remove the interior panel. To check for wear and tear on wires and components, inspect them all. The rubber grommets should be checked. You may need to replace parts if the fan blades stop moving or if there is wear on wires or connectors.

Let the professionals handle the issue

If you have a broken or damaged Refrigerator call Fixify for Refrigerator repair in you area. We cover multiple locations in Suffolk county such as Central Islip, West Islip, Brentwood, Huntington Station, and more.