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Washing machines rank among the most popular home appliances. Most homeowners don’t realize the importance of this appliance until it breaks down.  When a washing machine stops working, we can repair them. Our technicians will quickly respond to your request to get you back to laundry as soon as possible.

We fix all washing machine problems

Your washing machine is likely to have many problems. There are some common issues that washer owners can call us to repair.

These include

  • Water overflowing or leaking from the washer
  • No water dripping out of the washer
  • Washer vibrating too much when running
  • Motors that don’t stop running.
  • Washer slow or fast
  • Motors are not spinning or agitating

Some washer problems are simple to fix, but others can be more complicated. Once you hire us, our skilled technicians will diagnose and explain your washer problem. The technicians will show you how to prevent your washer from developing the same problem again.

We repair and service washing machines

We have technicians who are skilled and familiar with washing machine repairs on many types of machines.

  • Compact
  • Top loading
  • Combination units
  • Front loading 


Why Fixify Appliance Repair?

There are likely many people who will fix your washer. There are many reasons to hire us to fix your washer.

These include:

  • All repairs are performed by highly-trained and experienced technicians
  • Washers can be repaired using OEM parts
  • We don’t charge hidden fees
  • We offer fast and reliable service
  • Our technicians are friendly and local.

All makes and models of washers are repaired, including Hotpoint, Whirlpool and Maytag, Samsung and Kitchen Aid. Our goal is to ensure that you have the best possible experience. To provide the best appliance repair in Texas, we use fully loaded vans.

Our customer service is outstanding. Sometimes, you may realize that your washer is not working properly when you are about to wash your clothes. This is no reason to be frustrated. We will quickly respond to your call and help you. You can reach us by calling our customer service representatives to schedule an appointment for repair. If you have an emergency, you can call us.


Contact Us Now!

We can schedule repairs as soon as you notice any problems with your washer. We can fix any problem with your washer, whether it is draining, spinning or not turning on. We can also prevent serious washer problems from occurring by assisting you. Routine washer maintenance is also available.


We are here to help you if your washer is having problems

Modern machines are more complex than ever, with more moving parts and electronic components. This can make it harder to diagnose and fix a problem. These are some of the most common problems we encounter:

If the machine doesn’t turn on, check the plug and the breaker. Also, make sure the washer isn’t tilted.

There is no agitation. The belt could be worn, or the motor.

The wash didn’t spin out. It could be that the lid switch was defective or that the solenoid needs to be replaced.

If water is not draining, it could be a blocked drain or a defective pump. It can cause corrosion and rust if water is left in the tub.

Water leaves marks on your clothes that won’t go away – This is likely due to a faulty transmission.

The water is not cold enough. It could be that the valve is closed or that there may be sediment build-up, which would prevent water from flowing through.

Leakage could be caused by a clogged drain pipe or a leaky water hose. Fixify will quickly locate the leakage and repair your machine.

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