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Do You Need An Expert To Repair Your Dishwasher?


We have been servicing dishwashers for over 30 years and have become a trusted name for dishwasher repair service in Suffolk County.

The most common symptoms include water leaking and dishwashers not working properly. These are the most common repairs:


  • Gaskets & Hinges
  • Circulation & Drain pumps
  • Elements


We have the most commonly used parts so you can get your dishwasher fixed quickly. All technicians have been background checked and are properly trained. They have years of experience and are trained regularly to keep up with the latest technology.


We understand that it is crucial to fix your dishwasher quickly and efficiently the first time you visit. Online service can be arranged. You can also call us during normal business hours if you prefer. We will send a technician to service your dishwasher. For quick repairs, we have the most commonly used parts on our trucks.

Technicians are fully insured and have received regular training to keep up with the latest technology. The technician will diagnose the problem and recommend a price for you that is guaranteed. This is even if he needs to return many times. His experience and the stock of parts in the truck mean that most dryers can be fixed within the first visit.


We are authorized to service and repair most major appliances. We repair all major brands including General Electric, Kitchen-Aid Maytag, Air, LG, and Bosch dishwasher repair. If you need an emergency service, you can count on us.


It will not only save you money but also save you a lot of time. It is essential to maintain your dishwasher in top condition. Fixify is available for assistance.

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