Why is my dishwasher not draining?

Dishwashers are a great convenience, but they must be working properly. There could be many reasons your dishwasher is not draining properly. If you have any questions, contact Fixify Appliance Repair.

It could be your Garbage Disposal

Surprisingly, the problem may not be with the dishwasher but with your garbage disposal. The dishwasher’s drain pipe empties into the same drain that the garbage disposal. The dishwasher might not drain if your disposal is full of food that hasn’t been ground up or disposed off. This issue can be fixed by running the disposal for just 15 seconds.

Your sink may have an air gap

An air gap will be installed next to your faucet if your sink doesn’t have a garbage disposal. This is a vent that prevents the formation of an airlock. This air gap can become clogged with debris and cause the dishwasher to not drain. This can be fixed by turning the air gap counter clockwise and removing it with a stiff toothbrush.

Eliminate any standing water

You will need to drain the dishwasher of any standing water if none of these solutions work. Put towels around the dishwasher’s base and then take out the bottom dish. Use a cup to scoop out the water and place it in a bucket.

You may have used the wrong detergent

Dishwashing liquids not designed for particular dishwashers or dishwashers may cause suds to build up that make it impossible for the dishwasher to drain. If this happens to your dishwasher, you can bail it out as explained above and run it again using the correct detergent.

Your Drain Basket Could Be Blocked

The drain basket is located at the bottom your dishwasher. It looks like a large basket that has been upside down. Remove the cover and check for food accumulation underneath. Use a spoon to remove it.

You could have a kink in your drain hose

The same way that a kink can prevent your flower hose from working properly if it isn’t in good condition, the drain hose in your dishwasher will also not allow it to drain correctly. It is possible to unkink the drain hose but it will likely cause more problems.

Ask for help from Dishwasher Pros

If none of the above solutions work, get in touch with Fixify.

If you have a broken or damaged dishwasher call Fixify for dishwasher repair in you area. We cover multiple locations in Suffolk county such as Central Islip, West Islip, Brentwood, Huntington Station, and more.

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