Find out what to do if your dryer won't shut off

A dryer that doesn’t shut off or spins frequently could indicate a serious problem. A dryer repair technician can help you determine if your dryer needs to be repaired.

The Door Switch may be the issue

The dryer should have stopped if you opened it during a cycle. The dryer will not run if the doors are opened. This prevents injury and energy waste. If the door locks do not latch properly, it’s possible that it is stuck open.

It can be difficult to remove a faulty door switch. They are usually located within the door, so you will need to take it apart. The dryer’s front wires will then connect it to the control panel. You will need to take out the mounting screws and control panel. It is highly recommended that you have this task done by an appliance repairperson.

The Timer is available here

Your dryer’s timer controls how long it should run. It is possible for the dryer to not send the on- and off signals if the timer isn’t working properly. Check the continuity of the timer by unplugging your dryer. The timer is located in the control panel behind your cycle knob. If you feel comfortable getting in your machine, it is easy to replace.

It could be an issue with your cycling thermostat

It is possible that the dryer is running longer than it should be. The auto-dry function on dryers uses a cycling thermostat to keep it running. Although it’s possible the problem is with the timer, the most likely cause is the cycling thermostat. The nit won’t know when to stop the dryer if it doesn’t accurately sense the temperature.

It’s time to contact the professionals

If you have a broken or damaged dryer call Fixify for Dryer repair service in your area. We cover multiple locations in Suffolk county such as Central Islip, West Islip, Brentwood, Huntington Station, and more.

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