Reasons your dryer is not drying well

The main reason dryers don’t dry properly is because your vent and possibly your blower housing inside dryer are clogged with hair and lint. This is a fire hazard that can cause over 15,000 dryer fires each year. As you can see from our YouTube videos and our home page, it is quite a problem. It should be professionally cleaned/inspected each year if it exceeds 6 feet in length and has elbows that reach up to the roof or under the house. If it’s a long distance, you should inspect it more often.

The sensor may need to be cleaned if the dryer takes too long to dry. Dryer sheets are likely to be the problem. The sensor is unable to function properly if dryer sheets are used. This can be handled by a professional.

You may have clothes that are too damp to go into the dryer. It is possible that your washer isn’t spinning the clothes well enough to dry the load. The clothes should not be “wet” but just damp when they come out the machine.

The timer is not working. The timer is not drying the load as fast as it should. Your timer could be an old-fashioned knob or a control panel telling the unit what it should do.

The load is too large for the washer/dryer to handle. It is not easy to wash laundry, so it is best to do as few loads as possible. But cramming clothes in the washer or dryer will cause unnecessary stress, which can lead to damage to the appliance and reduce its life expectancy. This is not the best option for everyone. Wash only full loads. Items should have some space to move. They will be cleaner.

You may notice a difference in dry times with a little TLC each year and some changes to your lifestyle.

If your dryer is damaged, call Fixify Appliance Repair. We have a team of experts offering reliable dryer repair service in Suffolk County. We cover multiple locations to keep you covered.

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