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LG Refrigerator Repair Service – Suffolk County, NY

LG Corporation, otherwise known as Lucky-Goldstar Corporation, is one of the most renowned names in the electronics and appliances industry. LG Electronics are responsible for producing highest-quality appliances and delivering upright customer service throughout all the years. LG not only works in electronics and appliances, like TV, refrigerators, washing machines, and vacuums, it also specializes in home entertainment, car component solutions, and energy management solutions. Talking specifically about refrigerators, LG refrigerators have received more JD Power awards for kitchen appliances than any other brand for consecutive 3 years. When it comes to quality of LG refrigerators, the JF Power 2019 Kitchen Appliance Satisfaction Study rewarded LG refrigerators with the first place title in reliability. Despite its popular name and almost unparalleled quality, LG refrigerators do face issues and problems, just like every other appliance of every other brand. If you are an LG refrigerator owner, you might be interested in knowing more about how these refrigerators work and how can you tackle problems that are/will be emerged in your LG refrigerator. Therefore, this article will answer your every possible question in most understanding manner. Without further ado, let’s get on it.

Content Table

  1. Where are LG refrigerators made?
  2. What are some common problems with LG refrigerators?
  3. Are LG refrigerators good quality?
  4. Do LG refrigerators have issues with a failing compressor?
  5. Which is the best LG refrigerator repair center?
  6. Why does my LG refrigerator keep shutting off?
  7. Why is my LG refrigerator not getting cold?
  8. Why is my LG refrigerator freezing everything?
  9. What is the average life of a LG refrigerator?
  10. How long does it take for a new LG refrigerator to get cold?
  11. What temperature should my LG refrigerator and freezer be set at?
  12. How do I control the temperature on my LG refrigerator?
  13. How do I know if my LG refrigerator is cooling?
  14. How do I know if my LG refrigerator compressor is not working?
  15. What causes LG compressors to fail?
  16. How much does it cost to replace an LG refrigerator compressor?
  17. Is it worth replacing an LG refrigerator compressor?
  18. How do I reset my LG refrigerator?
  19. Conclusion

Where are LG refrigerators made?

Most LG refrigerator are manufactured in South Korea. However, some models are also made in China. Most of the worldwide supply of LG appliances, including refrigerators, come from these parts. That being said, LG has constructed a massive production plant in Clarksville, Tennessee. Therefore, the brand now produces most of its appliances for the US market in the Clarksville factory in North America.

What are some common problems with LG refrigerators?

Although LG refrigerators are better than most brands, they do worry the consumers with problems. Some of the most common problems that are experienced in LG refrigerators are:
  • Temperature settings
  • Noise problems
  • Everything is freezing or nothing is freezing
  • Problems with water dispenser
  • Problems with ice dispenser
  • Compressor not working
  • Refrigerator not cooling
  • Leaking water
These are the problems that people most commonly counter in their LG refrigerators. These problems arise because of malfunctioning with other components. Keep reading this article and you might just find the solutions you are looking.

Are LG refrigerators good quality?

Yes. There is no doubt that LG launches extremely well-manufactured appliances, especially the refrigerators. LG refrigerators are good-quality that provide high reliability and durability. Each and every component of LG refrigerator is crafted with the latest, most functional technology that not only adds to the quality of household, but the sleek and stylish designs also add to the ambiance. That being said, LG is often the receiver of bad reviews with some of its refrigerator components. It increased its quality overall but still has a lot to improve in some technical aspects.

Do LG refrigerators have issues with a failing compressor?

Although LG refrigerators are of overall good quality, one of its core components have been getting some negativity throughout the years. And that is LG refrigerator’s compressor. LG has been launching new styles and variations of refrigerators with advanced technological integration during the past decade, but one thing it has not yet improved is its compressors. Consumers have complained about LG’s failing compressors quite a lot. In fact, in a survey carried out in 2019, the results showed that LG’s French-door refrigerators have compressor problems. Around 8% of all the overall 3% refrigerators showed compressor issues. The refrigerators in question were reportedly equipped with linear compressors. Most of LG refrigerators come equipped with linear compressor, but it fails pretty quickly compared to other brands. The problem is of a an essence that LG has been dragged to court about it. One of the plaintiffs involved reported that the compressor should last at least 10 years before it is needed to be replaced, but LG refrigerators ask for compressor replacements in merely 2 to 3 years.

Which is the best LG refrigerator repair center?

The best repair center you can get your LG refrigerator repaired from depends on where you live. But if you are a resident of Suffolk County, New York, then your best option is Fixify Repair Service. Fixify is one of the most reputable and qualified appliance repair company in Suffolk County. And they have expert technicians who can take over replacements and repairs of various refrigerator brands, including LG refrigerator repair service. Below are the list of brands that Fixify refrigerator repair service deals in:
  • LG Appliance Repair
  • Samsung Appliance Repair
  • Kenmore Appliance Repair
  • Miele Appliance Repair
  • Speed Queen Appliance
  • Maytag Appliance Repair
  • Vulcan Appliance Repair
  • Wolf Appliance Repair
  • Thermador Appliance Repair
  • Electrolux Appliance Repair
  • Electrolux Appliance Repair
  • Garland Appliance Repair
  • Whirlpool Appliance Repair
  • KitchenAid Appliance Repair
  • Magic Chef Appliance Repair
  • Viking Appliance Repair
  • Fisher & Paykel Appliance
  • JennAir Appliance Repair
  • Hotpoint Appliance Repair
  • Bosch Appliance Repair

Why does my LG refrigerator keep shutting off?

A refrigerator turning on and off again and again is a common problem experienced by households. There can be multiple reasons behind this ordeal, such as:
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Faulty circuit board
  • Defected power source
  • Overheating
  • Faulty or damaged power cable
  • Blown fuse box
  • Faulty defrost timer
  • Broken ADC board
  • Dirty condenser coils
While there are DIY ways to look into these causes and work out a solution, it is best that you leave things in the hands of professionals. A professional LF refrigerator repair service technician would know what they are doing, and they would guarantee a workable solution. Moreover, they know how to be safe and cautious, whereas you wouldn’t how much of a risk working with appliances can be.

Why is my LG refrigerator not getting cold?

It’s common in households to experience refrigerators not getting cold, even more common in LG refrigerators. Before we start seeking solutions for this issue, let’s answer some questions. Is your refrigerator recently purchased? If yes, a newly-bought refrigerator needs time to adjust according to the room temperature before it begins to cool and become a storage unit for your food. Some refrigerators need a day or two, some need weeks. Check your manual or contact LG support to check how much time your refrigerator needs before you can begin storing food. Did you experience a recent power outrage? If yes, it is common for refrigerators to not cool for quite some time once the power is back after a long time. Wait for a day or two. If it doesn’t work until then, then you can start focusing on solutions. Lastly, have you checked your power supply? A defected power source or blown up fuse box can decrease the voltage of the refrigerator. Not only the refrigerator does not cool properly because of it, it also deteriorates refrigerator’s health, especially if we are talking about LG refrigerators. Now, for the solutions, first, try unplugging the LG refrigerator or trip the circuit breaker for 30 seconds. It would reset the refrigerator. Once turned back on, you will hear the compressor turn on. Let it run for 24 hours–that’s enough time to stabilize the refrigerator. If the refrigerator doesn’t stabilize itself in 24 hours after the reset, you need to call LG refrigerator repair service and let the experts figure out a viable solution.

Why is my LG refrigerator freezing everything?

If your refrigerator is freezing everything, the most likely reason of this is that you have set the temperature of the refrigerator below the optimal degree. Also, when food is located too close to the air vents, it starts freezing. You can eliminate this problem easily by doing 3 things:
  1. Store the food in their optimal locations where they are in the required (and not above or below) temperature. Soft food should not be placed too close to the air vents.
  2. Store food and vegetable in the vegetable drawers. That is where they are stored best.
  3. Avoid overfilling the shelves. Don’t store more than there is a place for. And don’t store food in a way that it blocks the air vents. The air circulation is crucial to keep food in its optimal temperature.

What is the average life of a LG refrigerator?

Now, that’s a tricky question. The lifespan of each refrigerator differs from the next one. The average life of an LG refrigerator not only depends on its model and make, it also depends on its use. If the use is too intense and needy, then, of course, a refrigerator’s life would be decreased, even when it shouldn’t. However, if the refrigerator is not being overused and demanded, it can last a few more years than the average one. To sum it up numerically, the average lifespan, according to NAHB, of an average LG refrigerator is 13 years. However, the report also stated that LG refrigerators should have a 20-year lifespan.

How long does it take for a new LG refrigerator to get cold?

LG refrigerator, or any refrigerator for that matter, need at least 24 hours turned on before getting optimally cold. The refrigerator needs this time to adjust itself according to the room temperature. After the required time, which is 24 hours, can be more though, the refrigerator would reach its optimum functional level and begin colding. After some time, the refrigerator will create its first skin of ice. And that is when you should know that the refrigerator is ready to take in your food and drinks.

What temperature should my LG refrigerator and freezer be set at?

If you are not finding your frozen items properly frozen or your milk and water warmer than usual, it probably means that your refrigerator and freezer are not set at optimal temperatures. Or, maybe you bought a new LG refrigerator and don’t know what settings to choose. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. LG recommends 30-degree celsius for the refrigerator and 0-degree celsius for the freezer. If additional cooling is required, you can turn down degrees a notch or two reach your desired temperature.

How do I control the temperature on my LG refrigerator?

Temperature controls in LG refrigerators are located on the display panel on the front door of the unit. The refrigerator’s temperature ranges from 33F to 46F. The refrigerator comes set to the recommended temperature settings of 37F. Press the refrigerator button to cycle through the temperature increment by 1 degree at a time. For the freezer, the temperature control ranges from -6F to 8F. Press the freezer button to cycle through the available temperature settings, on increment at a time. When changing control settings, wait at least for 24 hours before making additional, new adjustments. If the temperature in either compartment is too cold or too warm, change the settings by 1 degree and wait for 24 hours for the change to stabilize before changing further.

How do I know if my LG refrigerator is cooling?

That’s an easy one. Once the refrigerator is turned on, the temperature settings are set, the food is stored, and 24 hours have passed after all that, open the refrigerator and check if the food is stored in the desired temperature. If it is, you know that your refrigerator is cooling properly. If it is not, you know that you need to change the settings or check for faults that are preventing the cooling.

How do I know if my LG refrigerator compressor is not working?

The compressor of your LG refrigerator is most probably located at the back panel bottom of the unit. All you need to do is take off the back panel cover, unscrew the compressor, and shake it. If it rattles, it is most likely at fault and not working properly. What you can also do is use a multimeter to check it for continuity. First check the condenser fan. If the condenser fan is running, your compressor should be getting power. That is because the compressor shares a circuit with the condenser fan motor in most refrigerators. For safety reasons, unplug the refrigerator, unhook the retainer clip, and pull the PTC start relay out of the refrigerator. Shake the PTC relay and see if it rattles. If it does, that’s the sign that the relay is burnt and needs replacement. On the other hand, if the relay doesn’t rattle, you will need to check for the continuity to confirm if it’s bad. For that, you will need a multimeter. Put the 1-meter lead into terminal 5, and the other meter lead into terminal 6. If you detect an open circuit between those terminals, the multimeter will read 1 in the far left digit. This would confirm that you need to replace the PTC start relay. In the case where the multimeter doesn’t indicate that the start relay is bad, then, unfortunately, you have a faulty compressor. To replace that, you would definitely need to call a technician, because a faulty compressor repairing involves recovering freon. Now, on the other hand, if your condenser fan isn’t running, then you may have a defective electronic control board or a bad temperature sensor–both problems can be diagnosed and fixed. Many refrigerators have a diagnostic test mode to check refrigerator operations. The way to check is to press the light switch 3 times, then press and hold it the 4th time until you hear a long beep. You will be in the test mode then. If this doesn’t work in your model, check the test sheet for instructions. Test sheet, in most models of refrigerators, can be found behind the bottom front grill or taped at the back of the refrigerator. In this test mode, press the door switch twice to start the compressor. The control beeps twice, and then you should hear the compressor running. If the compressor runs in this diagnostic test, you will need to check the thermistor. A bad thermistor can prevent the compressor from running in the normal mode. A diagnostic test mode forces the compressor to run whether or not the thermistor is broken. However, if the compressor doesn’t start in the diagnostic test mode, you will need to check the continuity from the electronic control board through the compressor circuit. First, with the refrigerator unplugged, remove the screw that holds the control box. Then, pull the control box down and remove the electronic control board. Unplug the connector from the compressor circuit. Put one meter lead on the red wire and the other meter lead on the blue wire. If you see around 5 ohms on the multimeter, it means you have continuity, in which case you will probably need to replace the electronic control board because the control board is not sending compressor enough voltage through the circuit. If the compressor circuit is open, you will see a 1 in the far left digit on the meter. Look for pinched or broken wires in the control board harness and in the wires leading up to the compressor. Replace or repair any damaged wires that you find. Even if the wires look good, you should still check for continuity to see if there is a problem with the control board harness. Unplug the harness of the control box from the ceiling of the refrigerator and check continuity between the ceiling plug and the control board on the blue and red wires. If the control board harness is good, plug it back in and check the continuity between the red wire on the control board and the red wire on the compressor plug. If the red wire turns out good, check the blue wire next. In case where both wires show continuity and the start relay was also not the problem, it means that your compressor is at fault and other components are well. Thus, you will need to have the compressor replaced. For that, a professional technician must be present. This was how you can troubleshoot to figure out why your compressor was not running and how you can fix it. However, keep in mind that you would need to have a multimeter with you for that and your refrigerator model must have a test sheet attached somewhere. Otherwise, the diagnostics wouldn’t be possible for you to conduct. Even if you have all the things at ready, still know that undertaking diagnostics and repairs of such appliances can be hazardous. There is always a risk of injury to you, someone else, the appliance, and the property. To reduce the risk, make sure you follow each direction carefully, take proper safety measures with the tools and equipments. Do not begin until you are one hundred percent sure that you know what you are doing. Moreover, even though now you know the troubleshooting compressor procedure, it is still far better to have a LG refrigerator repair service technician present and let a professional do the job.

What causes LG compressors to fail?

LG refrigerators have been on the bad books of the consumers and appliance market ever since they have started making faulty compressors. They are well-known in every message board and support groups for manufacturing faulty compressors, despite being extremely reputable for their advanced-tech and highly reliable refrigerators. So, what causes LG compressors to fail? Well, experts in the field have a theory. LG uses linear compressors in their refrigerators. Linear compressors, as opposed to the conventional reciprocating compressors, have no crank mechanism. This enables highly efficient, oil-free operations in lower cost and smaller size. However, not to forget that LG has been literally sued for their faulty compressors. And the lawsuit reports that the cooling problem stemmed from a defect that was caused by LG’s linear compressors. It can be deduced that while LG has been toying with new technology, they are far from mastering it.

How much does it cost to replace an LG refrigerator compressor?

The cost of replacing an LG refrigerator compressor depends on what your LG refrigerator model is and how much the LG refrigerator repair service technician is charging. Commonly, people spend somewhere between $350 to $500 on compressor replacements at a time, including the labor costs. Since LG refrigerators use linear compressors, its charges are somewhat defined. An LG refrigerator costs around $320. Add around $100 to $200 labor costs. And it’s a bill of $500, on the basis of a good rule of thumb.

Is it worth replacing an LG refrigerator compressor?

That’s a tricky question. And the answer depends on how old your LG refrigerator is. If your LG refrigerator is more than 10 to 15 years old and has required repairs in that time, there is no point in investing money on more repairs and replacing the compressor. It’s not worth it. A new compressor will easily cost around half of the current cost of the refrigerator (half of the machine’s salvage value). And there is no guarantee that the refrigerator this old would not require more repairs for other components. Instead, what you can do is spend a little more money and buy a brand new LG refrigerator with a brand new compressor, which is less likely to ask for more repairs in 10 years. On the other hand, if your LG refrigerator is not as old, and the new compressor is not costing half of the current price of the refrigerator, you should go for it and get a new compressor.

How do I reset my LG refrigerator?

Try unplugging the LG refrigerator or trip the circuit breaker for 30 seconds. It would reset the refrigerator. Once turned back on, you will hear the compressor turn on. Let it run for 24 hours–that’s enough time to stabilize the refrigerator.


These were all the questions that people usually ask about LG refrigerator repair service. We hope we answered them best. These answers would help you figure out things with your new or old LG refrigerator. Except the complains about its compressors, LG refrigerators have gained quite a reputation in the refrigerator market. We hope this article helped you. Good luck with your LG refrigerator.