Find Out What Common Refrigerator Noises May Mean And How To Fix Them

Refrigerators, when working properly, are among the most quiet appliances in your home. This can make it even more frustrating when they start making louder noises. Contact your appliance repair company if your refrigerator is making unusual noises. Continue reading to learn more about the possible causes.   Refrigerator Clicking Noises A refrigerator’s clicking sound is usually a sign that the water inlet valve is opening and supplying water to the icemaker. It is possible that the clicking noises are repetitive and alarming, but they are not likely to be serious. The fridge may be cooling other areas. It is not something to be concerned about if the clicking continues for several hours.   Rattling Refrigerators You may have a problem with your waterline if you hear something rattling in your fridge. As water is pumped through the water dispenser and ice maker, your waterline may rattle. This is a sign that your waterline isn’t secure or is moving around during use. Although it isn’t a problem that could affect performance, the noise can cause a leak. If you hear rattling coming from your refrigerator’s bottom, it is likely that your drain pan is moving as your fridge runs. To prevent your drain pan from moving, you need to adjust the water line.   Dripping Sounds from your Refrigerator You may have many problems that could cause your refrigerator to drip. It is usually not a problem, but it is important to know what to look out for. If the noise is normal, it will be from the outside of your fridge.   You should be concerned about leaking noises inside your fridge. This could indicate a problem with the defrost system. Your defrost system should be able to meet any frost and whisk it away. It is possible that something is wrong if it makes a lot of noise. You can call your local appliance repair company if you hear any noises coming from your refrigerator.   Fixify appliance repair service in Long Island and Suffolk County to assist you. Some of the areas we cover are Southampton, Deer Park, Central Islip, Quogue and North Babylon.

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